You will never guess what this plastic free – reusable coffee cup is made of!

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Kind to the soil and the seas, new reusable coffee cup harnesses the humble rice husk

Utilising an abundant waste material to make each takeaway tea, coffee or hot chocolate that bit greener, the new reusable cup from Huskup takes the humble rice husk from earth to earth. Durable and dishwasher safe, but entirely free from plastic, trees, BPA and melamine, this unassuming little cup is setting a new bar for the eco-friendly caffeine fix in the UK.

Beginning by saving large quantities of rice husks from the incinerator, currently just a small dent in the 125 million tonnes that are produced globally each year, the hard-wearing Huskup is designed to make a big impact on the country’s single-use plastic problem that has overrun the oceans and heaped yet more pressure on landfill sites. From cafés and canteens to the daily dash for the door each morning, a Huskup in-hand can help reduce the 2.5 billion takeaway cups that are discarded each year in Britain.

Looking beyond the here and now, the Huskup can also return to the earth at the end of its useful life, biodegrading fully through microbial action. Certified to European compostability standards (EN 13432), the cups are able to disintegrate naturally and go back to the land, entirely safe for seeds to germinate in the resulting compost. Reducing the need for millions of plastic-lined cups that are destined for landfill, incineration, the streets or the seas, Huskup has a lifecycle designed with Mother Nature in mind.

The Huskup comes in 12 different designs and can be purchased from, priced at £10.95 each.