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You see them everywhere, in the plane, on the beach, in the ice cream places. They have very different names, they are small, make all kinds of different sounds and have everlasting batteries. Usually they are called babies, i call them Bounies, Binis, Banis, Babounies… We got one too!


Yes it is a big life changer, so much love, joy, happiness and challenges. Every parent in the world will know what i’m talking about. It is not only easy and once you got one, you will understand that you need help. In our case help arrived. Songs! I call them Bounie Songs. Each of these songs is very different and they help in various ways. They bring a lot of happiness and peace and sometimes the opposite, whatever is needed, songs to change baby diapers, songs to connect them to the elements, songs to make them stop crying, make them smile, laugh and dance.

First I thought it’s only about our baby but they are much more, they work with different babies and they work so well with adults. And the best thing not only parents! Even if you happily decide that you never ever going to have one of these little miracle makers, you really might enjoy this music!

These songs might open up your heart and mind to a different reality, probably they help to see life from a different point of view.

The idea is to record with extra ordinary musicians, furthermore i am thrilled about the fact that Misha Mullov-Abbado, the BBC jazz artist of the year 2018 will arrange the music, play the bass and produce the album. These songs gonna to be packed in wonderful arrangements and will make you groove, sing, take off your clothes and dance into the Bini Bani cosmos.

For sure the main ingredient of this project is love and gratitudeYou were all a Bounie once, or whatever u wanna call it. From somewhere you came into this world,  you forget, you grow, you learn, you live and one day you will go back. To be close to a Bounie is just  the most humbling experince of my life. The mystery of existence and creation is so huge and touches my heart in the deepest possible way. That´s where the music comes in and one thing is as sure as a Bounie´s diaper gonna be full at the end of the day.


We will put all our heart into each note of this album and I would really appreciate your help to create this little dream.

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