Expand Bristol Airport?? Get a life!

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By Cllr Shane Collins Leader of the Green Party Group on Mendip District Council

My New Years pledge was to have lots more New Years. Imagine my surprise and frustration in hearing about Bristol City airport’s planning proposal to vastly increase in size and play a part in cutting down the number of future New Years.

The ‘consultation’ is open at https://planning.n-somerset.gov.uk/online-applications/. Ref is – 18/P/5118/OUT

Do have your say. Takes a few minutes but only 79 public comments so far.

My comment to the consultation:

Dear Bristol City Airport,

Are you people mad ? We are faced with runaway climate change. The IPCC tells us we have 12 years to get to zero emissions in the UK or face joining 100’s of other species in the 6th mass extinction.

There is nothing more serious.

Instead this application proposes increasing from current 8 million users to 12 million users each year, at an airport with no train links, consequent increase in traffic on the already congested A38 with a few wind turbines stuck on top, no doubt as a sop to the green lobby.

As a neighbouring Green Party Councillor in Mendip I absolutely object to any increase in size of any airport and should this nonsense pass planning look forward to being part of a successful campaign to stop it ever happening.

More flights will be terrible for the environment. Lets improve the rail network instead. There is no need for short haul flights to Europe… we can take the trains!

31.05.2008 thousands of people make a big “NO” in Sipson village next to Heathrow Airport for the “Make a Noise” anti Heathrow expansion protest.
Photo Nick Cobbing

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