Missing Cat

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National Geographic – Disappearing Missing Cats Campaign from Tin Man on Vimeo.

Spotted any ‘Missing Cat’ posters around? With numbers dwindling big cats are disappearing before our eyes.

Losing a family pet can be a traumatic experience, but what about losing the ‘king of the jungle’? National Geographic has turned the humble missing cat poster into a giant 260 sq ft-sized campaign to highlight the plight of lions, which have disappeared from 90 per cent of their historic range.

These huge posters will appear, and then disappear, in several major cities around the UK, urging the public to act before it is too late. The idea and execution was carried out by Tin Man, while renowned street artist Dean Zeus Colman used 100 pieces of chalk, eight cans of spray chalk and more than two litres of paint to create the eye-catching posters.

National Geographic Society’s Big Cats Initiative

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