Matt Mellen – editor –  communicator and strategist specialising in movement building and creative environmental campaigns. He has worked on flagship campaigns led by Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai and HRH Prince Charles, with major corporations and the United Nations and for organisations including: BioRegional, Clownfish and Business in the Community. Founded and directs Emergent Communications.

Specialist areas: campaign strategy, climate change, biodiversity, Gaia loving



The EcoHustler Posse – contributors and advisors – submit content and holds the magazine to account ensuring it is as: cutting edge, original, political, progressive and butt-kicking as possible. Any errors are the fault of the editor. The unusually high calibre of content on EcoHustler is thanks to the Posse.


AlexHoffordManilaIvoryCrush-lrAlex Hofford is a conservation photojournalist based in Hong Kong, using the city as a base to cover animal welfare and conservation issues in Greater China. Alex has carried out hundreds of editorial assignments across the region and built up a large stock library of illegal wildlife trade and marine conservation images. 

Specialty areas: China, the ivory trade, shark finning, photojournalism, underwater photography, marine pollution, over-fishing and public policy.


Ashok kumar arrestAshok Kumar is currently on a phd at Oxford University. Into:  “brown powa, smashin state, eatin rich, liftin, teachin, dweebin, livin in hackney & repin chi cross da globe”Specialty areas – politics, london issues, workers rights, direct action, breaking kettles, hip hop





12842624_10100873265341539_1610693871_o_optBeatrix Bliss is a bee moving from place to place, connecting people, ideas and resources to make good things happen. This has taken her from sailing ships to corporate offices to favelas to occupations and almost always in a circle of people, finding the common thread of what makes community and humanity. Most recently she’s landed in Frome where she facilitates groups of young adults to set up community projects as part of Edventure:Frome.  She’s currently curious about women’s empowerment, giant interactive art installations, the non-human world and our relationship with nature and magic.

Specialist areas – women, facilitation, sustainability, food, sailing, community-building and giant bubble-blowing



Ben Christie

Ben Christie is a former journalist and documentary maker, Ben has travelled far and wide exploring the world we live in trying to find answers to life’s big questions. He’s still looking! As a campaigner, communicator and reformed lobbyist, he works to help protect our last remaining and critical wildernesses, cultural heritage from all corners of the globe, and find strategies for how to rein in the excesses of our political, social and economic systems before they finish everyone off…

Specialist areas – renewable energy, healing, Gaia Theory,  communications, meme insertion, progressive economic systems, festivals


2013-11-18 09.50.41 am

Ben Radley has been living and working in Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, managing the implementation of a labour and human rights programmes with a special focus on artisanal mining. Currently, he is producing Obama’s Law, a feature-length documentary exploring the unintended consequences of social media activism through the lens of the global conflict mineral campaign, which connects the smartphone in your pocket to the conflict in the Congo. He is an activist and proud Welshman (despite the undeniable English accent), now living in Geneva.
Specialist Areas – African Great Lakes, artisanal mining, development, the international labour movement, labour rights, artificial Welshness



2013-12-12 11.38.13 amBruce Parry is an award-winning documentarian, author, indigenous rights advocate, explorer, trek leader and former Royal Marines commando officer. He employs an ethnographic style and a form of participant observation for his documentaries. His documentary series for the BBC entitled Tribe, Amazon and Arctic have shown extreme environments, remote indigenous peoples and important issues being faced. He is currently filming an independent feature film called Quest
Specialist areas – indigenous people and culture, exploration, shamanism



2013-11-21 01.49.47 pmCharlotte Webster is renewable energy and clean technology communications guru. Former Head of PR at Solarcentury, she is now working in an alliance of renewable energy companies, NGOs and trade bodies who are taking on fossil power head on. Part time painter and filmmaker.

Specialist areas – renewable energy, public relations, truth expansion




2013-11-21 08.43.37 am

Denis Whyte – researches Sacred Geometry, Earth Energy, Shakti and Gaia. Producer of documentaries on Hindu and Buddhist ascetics. Festival Curator (YEAH!!!) and artist. Photo taken in 2013 with Matsyendra Giri subject of the 1995 documentary Aghori: Living with the Dead.

Specialty areas – shamanic issues, healing, Gaia and grooviness




bare doc_optBarefoot Doctor – healer, educator, martial arts master, “human dynamic mechanic”, leading authority on ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy and methods for contemporary use, author of 17 books, doyen of online trainings, producer of sonic healing electronic dance under a variety of aliases, seminal figure in the human potential movement, big global following, dedicated to the collective exegesis of the human spirit and continuation of the species, and is in perpetual motion traveling the world.

Specialties – mechanics of authenticity, debunking social myth, demystifying our ubiquitous cloud of social artifice and pretence.




2013-11-19 01.30.19 pm

Dr Emily Woodhouse – is an academic employed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, based at University College London. She is interested in understanding the cultural, institutional and livelihood dimensions of human-environment relationships with the aim of developing locally appropriate, socially just conservation interventions which benefit human wellbeing as well as biodiversity. Her PhD research focused on the role of religion as a belief system and institution in human-environment relationships and the implications for conservation, specifically, how Tibetan Buddhism shapes human relations with the natural environment in the context of policy and economic changes under the liberalized Chinese state. She is also into cycling, feminism, & politics. Terrible gardener.
Specialty areas – research, writing, conservation, being a boffin



Felipe Viveros – Felipe is a strategist and consultant specialising in campaigning, program design and fundraising. He has worked with governments and organisations globally, including the Tairona Trust and TheRules. More recently he has become the European representative of the GNH Centre Bhutan a renown NGO that has pioneered the prototyping and implementation of a new development paradigm. Throughout his career Felipe has championed environmental campaigning and indigenous peoples rights and founded the Black Line Initiative, a groundbreaking environmental indigenous consultancy with the Kogi people of Colombia. He is an independent action researcher with a MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, Totnes.

Specialist areas – networking, event production, strategy



JessJackPR_59Jessica Jackson is an award-winning freelance Public Relations Consultant specialising in publishing, literature and arts events. One-stop PR shop, wordsmith, secret blogger.

Specialist areas – publishing, digital publishing, literature & sex issues







Jenny Corser is a full time explorer and student of life. Every day is a school day where she is both student and teacher.

Specialist areas – philosophy, psychology, unified field theory, psychedelics, mycology, permaculture, harm-free care, transformational festivals.




glencoeLaurie Walmsley is an Embercombe ambassador, Campaign Bootcamp alumnus and has over five years’ experience in political and policy analysis, coalition building and programme management roles. He provides freelance advice on effective communication and culture change to ‘careporations’ committed to creating the world of our longing. Independently he is researching enlightened education to empower people with the skills to make the most of their lives, to live in harmony with nature and each other, and to embrace the challenges and opportunities of our time. His wider interests include Brixton People’s Kitchen, outdoor adventure and swing dancing. Curiosity and compassion are two of the biggest driving forces in his work and play.

Specialist areas – political, energy politics, strategy development, coalition building, personal development


lucy-on-tres-hombresDr Lucy Gilliam is a Founder and Director of New Dawn Traders, a partnership of Artists, Scientists, and Chefs re-imagining global trade by sail while promoting the concept of ‘slow food’. Lucy is a Microbial Ecologist & Soil Scientist, having previously worked as a researcher at Rothamsted Research and as a science advisor for Defra. Lucy is passionate about food & cooking, biodiversity & nature, sailing & the sea, activism & storytelling for a greener cleaner planet, which combines in New Dawn Traders perfectly.
Specialist areas – sailing, travel & transport, food, biodiversity


2013-11-17 10.13.25 amMisty Oldland – is a pop star, artist, writer and white witch. She had global success in the 90s with her laid back funk including top ten hits in Europe and Japan and a number 1 in Iceland. In 2006 she released Forest Soul an amazing eco album. She is currently developing a children’s story in which  a secret league of endangered animals save the planet.
Specialist areas – sustainability, music & entertainment





2013-11-18 02.47.52 pmDr Olivia Kneen – Specialist Clinical Psychologist in East London. Studied at Nottingham University and University College London. Completed Doctoral thesis on paramedics experiences of trauma in their day to day work. Now working with children, adolescents and families in one of London’s most deprived boroughs.

Speciality areas: Psychology, Psychological therapies, Philosophy, mental health and in particular – trauma and PTSD





2013-11-17 11.40.13 amRobbie Lockie – digital activist and Senior Digital Communications Designer. Social Change Advocate and Futurist. Designed for Jamie Oliver, Getty Images, Move your Money UK

Specialist areas: design, consciousness, equality issues, buddhism




RS bio '12Rory Spowers – author of Three Men on a Bike, Rising Tides and My Year in Green Tea and Tuk Tuks. Founder of The Web of Hope, Samakanda eco resort and 999itstime. Explorer of the inner and outer realms, has cycled up Africa, walked up India and fearlessly delved into the unknown.

Specialist areas: consciousness, food and farming, sustainability, travel and global issues




photo 3Ruby Luna May – is an edge-dwelling, truth-seeking creative visionary, whose passion lies in combining the fields of sexuality, transpersonal psychology and spiritual ecology and creating playful, transformative & magical spaces where we can learn to live ‘beyond our imagination’.

Specialist areas: sexuality, transpersonal psychology and spiritual ecology