HACKERS WANTED! (to save our cities from climate change)

Code can save the world - pass it on

Cities are full of data, Cities are full of opportunities, Cities could fail under the pressures of climate change. Climathon will bring together the challenges of the world’s cities with the people who have the passion and ability to do something about them.

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Climate-KIC is launching a series of globally-coordinated 48 hour “hack” events - Climathons - where code writers, software developers and entrepreneurs will come together to create disruptive solutions to city-specific challenges. The aim is to generate working business models for smarter cities.


We believe cities can become much more sustainable right now with the application of smart data analysis on existing systems and processes. We want to develop tools to help people change their behaviour to become more climate friendly.

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Committed - London, Copenhagen, Zurich, Paris Partners supporting development of further locations: Climate Group & C40 Cities


The Climathon hacks will be in the run up to COP21 (UN Climate Conference - Paris - December 2015).


The Climathon makes big data available to software developers and entrepreneurs to catalyse sustainable city innovation.

Get involved?

We are looking for:

  • eco city 3Data - large data sets relating to how cities function
  • Hackers - do you know code writers or software / app developers?
  • Entrepreneurs - we want to include people in the hack who can apply the hacks outputs to the real world
  • Technology partners
  • Your challenges - we want to ground the hack in real world issues that can actually make a difference - so connecting with communities and people on the ground is essential - lets us know what needs fixing
  • Prizes - that will encourage hackers to get involved (computers, devices, etc)

What is in it for our partners?

  • Attendance at the hack
  • Great PR available - co-branding on Climathon communications and at the event and outputs
  • Access to all data and outputs
  • The opportunity to propose challenges to be addressed
  • Access to talented new people in the field of climate related app development and entrepreneurship

For more information contact Matt


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