Crowd Fundraise

Dear friends and family,

Since 2009, Ecohustler has been a 100% free and accessible platform broadcasting campaigns and content for the natural world.

Funding for the work has come from the founding team and from small donations to work on specific hot topics such as: salmon factory farming, HS2, shipping pollution, rewilding and other under-represented issues.

Our ambition has always been to grow, connect with as many people as possible, generate sustainable revenue and invest in the campaigns and content we run so that we can have more positive impact in the world.

Now, the time is right, to proceed with a second round of investment.

We are seeking to raise £150k by selling 20% equity which we will use to: rebuild the website; create an app; power up our campaigns and content; hire more contributors and fund more immersive and investigative journalism.

Once Ecohustler 2.0 has been created we will generate sustainable revenue by converting 5% of our users into paying subscribers.

We want to raise the money by enabling our existing readers and subscribers to invest in the business so that we remain fiercely independent and also so that our community can benefit from and be involved in future growth, development plans and upside potential.

The Plan

We want to grow Ecohustler from being a niche brand into a significant media player that connects with larger global audiences. Our campaigns and content will still be free to access but we also plan to convert 5% of our platform users into subscribers.

Check out our draft investor deck

Subscribers will be able to participate in the platform in new ways - enjoying: enhanced UX and functionality and premium content. We also want the platform to provide new services, for example creating a dynamic, growing database of AI-powered, eco-lifestyle-solutions to empower our members and enabling real-word rewilding from our devices.

We want to engage big new audiences and enable them to have a positive environmental impact - by joining campaigns, telling their friends, reducing their personal eco-footprints or even planting trees via their phones in strategic conservation zones.

Our core team is pumped for the next chapter and we have a backlog of amazing things that we want to do with the platform. We also want to engage and empower our community of investors to help to shape the future of Ecohustler. We are building key routes of participation into our plan to grow.

Can you help us to shape the future of Ecohustler?

Why is Ecohustler important?

Most media companies are owned by billionaires who have different values from us. They may be heavily invested in fossil fuels and not care at all about biodiversity. The inequalities behind media ownership skews democracy and leads to poor outcomes for society.

From collapsing ecosystems to ongoing militarisation and even phenomena like Brexit and Trump - the world is currently being run by corrupt sociopaths and the media is complicit in keeping business as usual humming along. Worse than this, fall out from the pandemic and social changes driven by resurgent extremist ideologies is creating a world many of us don’t want to see.

We need new, fresh, positive, ecologically proactive media companies now more then ever!!

All around the world, amazing people are co-creating the ecological future world most of us want to live in. Ecohustler is the platform to serve this community and tell these stories.

It is vital now for us to link up, get organized, share solutions and step together away from fossil fuels, war and a life of grinding servitude into a bright new future where we live happy, creative, meaningful lives in harmony with nature. Do you want to invest in the green shoots of a new media landscape?

Let’s go!

What next?

Ecohustler 2nd investment round coming soon - email Matt for early-bird access

Thanks so much for your interest,

Matt and Team Ecohustler