Brad A Schenck

Brad has been driving engagement via the internet for almost a decade. For the past eight years he’s been working on electoral issues in a variety of roles from in person organizing to helping shape President Obama’s 2012 battleground state digital strategy. He was the founding Digital Strategist for Organizing for Action, National Day of Service Digital Manager for the Obama-Biden 2012 Inaugural team. In 2010 he oversaw regional digital strategy for the Democratic National Committee working with Senatorial, Gubernatorial, and Congressional races. In 2014 he supported CREDOSuperPAC driving the digital side of their field campaign. Recently, rebuilding the digital department the Rainforest Action Network an international advocacy organization. During the 2016 cycle he took local and national issues helping drive engagement for school board, propositions and local elections. All of that in background while running groundbreaking registration and GOTV programs as Head of Engagement for