Elly Foster

Elly Foster is an author and retired science teacher. She has been a member of the England and Wales Green Party since 1989. She started campaigning on environmental issues when she was just 15, going on school strike to protect a local piece of common land. She has been involved with actions against major road developments and protests against whaling. She was the lone voice on a Public Inquiry arguing a massive development was not compliant with the Council’s own planning rules. Her little ‘David’ voice won against the ‘Goliath’ barristers. In 2006 she was the Chair of Save Our Sea (SOS), an organisation set up to stop drilling for oil and gas in Cardigan Bay. This campaign was a success. SOS then carried on to put an end to the destructive scallop dredging industry, not managing to entirely stop it, but at least bringing it down to a more reasonable level. Elly has been busy writing for decades but only seriously started writing novels when she was teaching less. Her first novel was published in 2019. It tells the story of Brexit from the perspective of a European migrant. Her next novel tackles the housing market and her third is set in 2068 (in a very different UK, altered by years of climate chaos) which looks back at our current welfare system. Elly has two more books she hopes will be published this year, both written for young adults, one about a young man who has been in care most of his life, and the second one about a young environmental campaigner who gets in deep water.