Emma Oldham

Emma Oldham is an award-winning Conservation Biologist, Nature Campaigner and a dedicated mother to four amazing girls. With a passion for wildlife and storytelling, she has always had a notepad in one hand, and some form of wildlife in the other. Born with a deep love for the outdoors, Emma’s journey into conservation began at a young age. Her childhood saw her collecting frogs from peoples’ gardens, so they didn’t get mowed and helping her auntie at a dog rescue shelter. As a Nature Campaigner, Emma has been a vocal advocate for conservation and environmental causes. She has helped save two wildlife sites on her back doorstep from development and now works as a Councillor to influence policymakers, communities and people from all walks of life to take action to protect and restore nature. Wanting to inspire the next generation of rewilders, marine biologists and conservationists, Emma embraces writing, public speaking, and educational initiatives to ignite curiosity and wonder in young minds, encouraging them to explore, protect and cherish the natural world. Emma recieved the 'Women of the Year' Award for the Community Spirit Catergory in 2023.