Liam Jenkins

Liam is a marketeer, writer, father and a silent eco-warrior in his home town in East Hampshire. He grew up in a small suburb in North Hampshire, and spent large parts of his childhood outdoors, playing in the park, lots of football, climbing trees and any other boisterous activity! One of his favourite past-times was making up stories and fantasy lands which was inflamed by Terry Pratchett, he loves to read (and write!) and enjoys anything connected with myths, legends, gods and goddesses. Liam still resides in Hampshire with his wife Jennifer, and little six-month-old boy Alfie. He has enjoyed a varied career history from marketing and communications to being a self-employed gardener! Liam spends most of his time meditating, being out in nature and entertaining his son. He feels it is important for young people to learn how to be authentic in themselves, be able to stand up to anyone who makes them feel anything less than they should. Liam wants his writing to inspire young people to reach out and go for their dreams even when they feel they don't have the courage to. Liam feels his purpose is to inflame the imagination of a younger generation so that we do not lose the ability to be creative and continue to think and dream up stories as we get older. The world needs stories laced with peril, triumph and moral dilemmas and new heroes and heroines with new principles and belief systems because let’s face it ... in the real world, we are going to need them!. He believes that with the rise of technology and mass consumerization, these stories are getting lost in a wash of algorithm data capture and hidden by the grotesque mask of narcissism and instant gratification. Old fairy stories can seem to be outdated and unrelatable. That's why Dylan McFinn was bridge the old stories with a new awakened generation.