Napier Marten

Napier Marten, founder, trustee - Mirthquake, The Deep Voices Foundation. Napier Marten grew up on a farm in South West England where he developed a deep interest in ecology, the environment, sustainability and man's relationship with Nature. Napier is a craniosacral practitioner with a varied career behind him including estate management, theatre, professional helicopter pilot and forestry. He sold his business to pursue his developing interest in Cetaceans and their ancient and profound connection to Man. Napier has met many First Nation ‘cetacean’ people, catalyzing his future direction; he understands the urgent need for global recognition of this remarkable relationship with cetaceans, sharing their intelligence, wisdom and a greater understanding of how connection with our oceans is fundamental for our long-term survival. Mirthquake’s endeavours are solely directed towards re-establishing our broken connection with Nature through the realisation Whales and dolphins are our greatest archetypal symbols to us of this connection.