Mowi - trashing seas, salmon and coastal communities for profit

The world’s biggest salmon factory farming company has changed its name but not its destructive ways

Dear Reader,

For the first time ever in our ten year history we have had to take down a post.

The article that was here detailed a catalogue of animal welfare issues that have occurred on Mowi's factory farms that mass produce salmon products for global markets.

The article was well researched and accurate. We linked out from our article to sources and other news stories also covering these issues. I am leaving some of the links from the original article below.

Over the last few weeks we have increasingly been pressured by both Mowi employees and their legal team. They have been threatening to take to court for defamation.

At the current time, we lack the resources to take on a multinational corporation in a legal system rigged so that money buys you advantage.

It with immense regret that I take the article down knowing full well that we are being censored by a multinational corporation widely reported to be causing harm to marine and coastal ecosystems.

Of course, we will continue working with dedication and all our energies to shine a light on harm being done to the world and the ways in which we can link up to make a positive difference.

If you would like any more information on this episode. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,



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