Antarma - Chill for a minute

The eagerly awaited single from the London-based musical maestro

This is Antarma’s eagerly awaited single Chill for a minute, one of the favourites from his popular live events (Meditation Celebration).

The song gets across the importance of Relaxation and letting go of stress greed and pain for our selves, society and the planet presented through catchy Rap lyrics with a silly sense of humour, on a Smooth Jazzy Funky Hip Hop groove.

Mantras pepper catchy beats and emotive lyrics with Antarma’s unique London sound that fuses Afro-Brazilian Djembe Rhythms, Soul, Reggae and Hiphop.

He has been on the path of Meditation and Music for 18 years, learning with Masters from Indian, Amazonian, Sufi, African and Brazilian Sacred Traditions.

He has finally completed the recording of his eagerly awaited single “Chill for a Minute”. Debut Official EP release coming very soon!

Antarma shares at events, retreats and festivals across the UK. He is regularly invited to share workshops concerts and retreats, Internationally in Switzerland, Italy and Malaysia.

_Oona Chaplin (Actress Game of Thrones /Avatar) - _

Antarma plays with every fibre of his being and moves every atom for miles around with his sound, making us smile, breathe, jump around and gasp at the wonders of creation. He generates so much love, I hope everyone in the world gets to hear him.

“Relax mate shake the weight off your shoulder!

With a little meditation and yoga

The time for frustration is over

Listen to the words that the wise one told ya”