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By focussing on what we want - not what we fear - we can move to better ways of living

Positive News is massively cool. The mainstream media transmits extremely bad news all the time - we are saturated with celebrity gossip, rape, murder, mass killings and tales of corrupt politicians. This constant flow of negativity affects the way we see the world and what we believe is possible. What if, instead, we focussed on the positive? Maybe then we could build a peaceful, sustainable world? In 2010 EcoHustler editor, Matt Mellen tweeted a link to Positive News about his MSc thesis Green & Happy - Sean - replied and ran it as a double page feature. Matt has been writing for Positive News ever since. This summer we are excited to announce that EcoHustler will be a column in Positive News! Whoop!! Our friends Robbie and Lewis made this film and launched People of London. Together we are all committed to taking Positive News to the front pages and the biggest global audiences possible. Please do get in touch if you want to help us spread good news.

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Positive News is the world’s first positive newspaper. They report on positive developments from across the world and take a solution-focused perspective on the challenges facing society.

Their aim is to inform, inspire and empower our readers, while helping create a more balanced and constructive media.

The print edition of Positive News has a national circulation of 25,000 across the UK and is currently published four times a year.

Collating their most inspiring stories each quarter, in an age of information overload the print edition of Positive News is the best way to get an overview of positive developments in the world. To receive the print edition, please become a member.

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