Building Our Regenerative Future

New webinar answers the call of this dangerous time

We find ourselves in a period of social upheaval with many changes happening at dizzying speed. Many of us feel confused and shocked, afraid of what may come. At the same time, people are hungry for practical answers. They also yearn to be part of something greater, seeking a new vision of what our future can bring.

In Building Our Regenerative Future, a month-long intensive webinar series, co-hosts Rory Spowers and Daniel Pinchbeck take us on a journey of transformation that is both individual and collective. They propose that the current crisis offers each one of us a tremendous opportunity to access our highest potential. By accepting this time as our initiation, we can activate our greatest gifts and learn to thrive while becoming agents of positive social and ecological change.

The webinar explores how each of us can optimize our health and well-being in this time, exploring the areas of food, health, economics, culture, community, and consciousness. The greater goal is to launch a new operating system for a regenerative society where all of our actions replenish and restore forests, oceans, and topsoil. People can learn to live in balance and harmony with the natural world once again, while enjoying the benefits of modern progress.

A systems thinker and author, Rory Spowers directs The Regeneration ( Co-founder of Liminal (, Daniel Pinchbeck’s books include Breaking Open the Head and How Soon Is Now (with introductions from Russell Brand and Sting). The course features guest experts in areas such as ecological design, herbalism, and cryptocurrency.

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