Climate crisis - take action now!

URGENT - sign and share now - take action to stop the climate crisis now

This ongoing irresponsible behaviour will no doubt be remembered in history as one of the greatest failures of humankind.

Greta Thunberg speaking to MPs, April 2019

This is a time of great opportunity for our planet but also of great danger. Thanks to schoolchildren standing up and Extinction Rebellion taking to the streets, the climate emergency is being noticed by the mainstream media and politicians. Finally.

The opportunity is that we can use this moment as a lever to shift attitudes. The danger is that the moment will pass as attention drifts onto the next round of Brexit shenanigans and too many politicians sink back into fine words, half measures and absurdly vague promises.

At 38 Degrees, the online campaigning organisation involving 2 million people, we're doing our bit to make sure the latter doesn't happen. We've started a petition calling on Theresa May and Michael Gove to "take urgent action to stop the climate crisis now".

Our hope is that our petition and the follow-up actions we've planned will provide a way for tens of thousands of people across the UK to get involved and add their voices. It is vital that politicians feel that the mass of the public are demanding real and urgent action from them. Over the coming months we'll be bringing that demand to life, by making firmer asks and bringing the views of tens of thousands of people to bear.

The key points we'll be getting across are that this is an emergency but we can fix it. If we act - really act - now.