Dear future children

New film about youth activists pushing the boundaries to find solutions for global issues

Dartmouth Films is releasing director Franz Böhm’s award-winning documentary DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN widely in UK cinemas from 19th November.

With global protests on the rise, DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN is a film about the new generation at the heart of this seismic political shift. We will watch as Rayen protests for social justice in Chile, Pepper fights for democracy in Hong Kong and Hilda battles the devastating consequences of climate change in Uganda.

Facing almost impossible odds and grappling with the staggering impact of their activism on their personal lives, the film asks these three young women why they keep fighting.

DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN is produced by Johannes Schubert (Schubert Film), Ansgar Wörner, Franz Böhm (Nightrunner Productions) and co-produced by Jamie Gamache, Connor O'Hara, Jennie Scott (Lowkey Films), and at just 22 years old, Franz Böhm is the youngest ever winner of the Hot Docs Audience Award.

Director Franz Böhm said:

"This project presented us with a unique opportunity to examine activism through a modern, and distinctly young, lens. We collaborated closely with local activists, filmmakers and journalists to find suitable protagonists and to establish a healthy relationship with all those whose spaces we were entering. We knew that we needed to connect with our subjects on a personal level in order to build a solid foundation of trust between our crew and our subjects. We sincerely believe that that trusting relationship is well documented throughout the film.

For them, we aren't a foreign media organization coming in and dramatizing their stories. To our subjects we are comrades; we are the same age, we often share similar feelings, we laugh about the same jokes and deal with our anxieties about the world in similar ways, but most importantly, their problems are our problems. We aren't journalists to them, we are friends. It was only through this slow building of our relationship that we were able to get such an intimate portrait of our protagonists innermost struggles."

Dear Future Children is in UK cinemas from 19th November -