Democracy 2.0

How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era

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Ever get the feeling we have been cheated? We get to vote once every five years and are then expected to sit back while corporate-sponsored politicians dismantle hard won social gains and hand society's wealth to private financial institutions that drive increasing inequality and wage a ceaseless war on the biosphere. "We are 21st century citizens doing our very best to interact with 19th century institutions based on an information technology of the 15th century" Wouldn't it be better to have elected representatives who were engaged in an ongoing conversation with the people they represent. Isn't it time democracy got an upgrade? Pia Mancini and her colleagues want to upgrade democracy in Argentina and beyond. Through their open-source mobile platform they want to bring citizens inside the legislative process, and run candidates who will listen to what they say.

Join the Heard - other open democracy platforms:

  • Represent makes decisions democratic, and turns your opinions into action - whether you're at work, at home, or somewhere in between.
  • liqd/adhocracy - Adhocracy is a policy drafting and decision making software for distributed groups and open institutions.
  • Loomio - empowers organisations and communities to turns discussion into action, wherever people are.

It is even happening in the states: Help us build a open democracy platform to get the right climate policies in place for COP 21 - join us at #Climathon2015:


Pia Mancini