Doodles with my Daughter

Teaching Children Conservation Through Art

Teaching Children Conservation Through Art

Here is the background info to my website:

New™ is a beautiful and captivating website where mother, Diana, teaches her four-year-old daughter, Rose, the importance of Conservation through art. Once a child is able to hold a pencil, it's the optimum time to show them how incredible the natural world is, and how maintaining its wonder should be a priority, that way, future generations will grow up with Conservation in mind. Each enchanting and wonderful picture in the website carries a quirky caption and thoughtful message about preserving our planet.

Good luck Gorillas: Gorilla Conservation Art

An afternoon spent doodling with Rose - who is enjoying learning about monkeys and apes - led to the creation of this pensive looking guy who seems to be wondering about his existence and where that might be going. Rose drew the grass and coloured in the four leaf clover, as well as the red heart. Gorillas are such intriguing creatures and funnily enough this one seems to look a lot like my friend Dave. Must be something in the genes. If you'd like own this print where 10% of the sale will go to The Gorilla Foundation, please visit our store.

**Swinging Solo: **Orangutan Conservation Art

'Without trees we can’t breathe,’ I tell my daughter, ‘and Orangutans, Asia’s only great ape, live in trees in the forests of Indonesia and Malaysia so we need to look after their homes.’ ‘Ok. This is Rosemary the Orangooootan,’ my daughter announces. Of course it is because she looks just like a Rosemary don’t you think. I sketched this and my little colouring in specialist stunned me with her ‘cherry’ trees and shading of the large trunk. Watch out, trees can run you know. If you'd like to own this print where 10% of the sale will go to the Orangutan Foundation, please visit our store.

The Orangutan picture is particularly relevant due to this BBC showing three days ago: