DOUBLESPEAK - politicians on record contradicting themselves

Obama and Cameron's climate change mis-leadership 

DOUBLESPEAK highlights the contradictory actions of President Obama and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron when it comes to addressing the urgent threat of climate change. The film uses archive footage from speeches and news reports to paint a picture of how politicians continue to ignore the science on climate change in order to appease their friends in the fossil fuel industry. The film taps into the exasperation the film-maker Damien Clarkson has felt as an environmental activist. Damien said: "So many times I have woken up to news hear that politicians are ready to tackle climate change only to witness actions contradictory to their words just weeks later." "We want to believe that threat from climate change is being dealt with and that everything will be ok... But in reality the truth is that big business with their powerful lobbies wield huge influence over our politicians". "This means that despite the kind of promises we saw from politicians at the recent COP21 conference; governments across the world still pursue extreme energy extraction methods like fracking and drilling for oil in the Arctic, whilst telling the public everything will be ok." Hopefully this film makes people scrutinise what they hear from politicians on climate change a little bit more carefully.