Earth Day Network - 50th anniversary global street art event

Graffiti writers, street artists and muralists from every continent execute worldwide protest - #EarthDay2020Halt

Earth Day Network and more than 500 street artists planned and executed a worldwide protest - #EarthDay2020Halt. Beginning on Earth Day April 22nd in New Zealand at 9am NZT until 11:59pm ET, breakout artists from every continent, will showcase their projects, created in secret over the last sixth months in honor of Earth Day.\_JA

These urban artists range from established to emerging -- graffiti writers, street artists, and muralist of all generations who will come together around climate change, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and other environmental issues. The art and location of each piece can be seen in an interactive map on

The project was led and curated by LA-based street artist Meg Zany.

LA street artist Meg Zany - photo credit - Kulture Hub

WHAT: 50th anniversary of Earth Day – Earth Day Network -- the largest stealth global art activation in the world, with more than 500 artists in 100 countries revealing their art on

WHO: More than 500 graffiti writers, street artists and muralists from 100 countries, from every continent. A selection of artists and their works of art include:

  • WRDSMTH (U.S.)
  • Yulier(Cuba)
  • Shamisa Hassani(Afganistan)

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