Exciting, travel-inspired, sustainable jewellery brand celebrates this Christmas

Candace and Tom launched El Camino Bracelets at Christmas time ten years ago and have now sold to more than 77,000 customers worldwide, with sales income of over £6 million

Candace Kellough and Tom Lane on an adventure

Ten years ago, Candace Kellough and Tom Lane decided to cut their backpacking journey short when inspiration stopped them in their tracks. Whilst hiking the coastline between Barcelona and Monaco in 2013, they contemplated creating a bracelet that could record their travels, adventures and experiences.

Returning to the UK earlier than expected, the pair couldn’t get the idea out of their minds, and so decided to launch their business, El Camino Bracelets, on 27 December a decade ago. That small idea has clearly resonated around the globe, as El Camino Bracelets have been bought by 77,034 customers in 89 countries, with the Cornwall-based business now boasting a multi-million pound turnover.

An El Camino Bracelet

El Camino Bracelets in Numbers

  • 77,034 customers have bought an El Camino Bracelet in the last ten years.
  • El Camino Bracelets feature Steps that can commemorate places travelled, special anniversaries, and personal milestones. Over 500,000 Steps have been sold to date.
  • El Camino customers live in 89 countries around the world.
  • The youngest El Camino wearer is four-month old Imogen Margot Newbold-Burman, from Sevenoaks in Kent.
  • El Camino’s older fans include 81-year old Teresa Attias from Ontario, Canada,
  • Canine Community: Dogs are also gifted El Camino’s, including Australian Sheppard Dougal*

So what is the secret of this brand’s success? We asked the people that know it best – the El Camino Bracelets community and one of its founders:

Chloe Newbold-Burman, 34, from Sevenoaks, Kent, has been a fan of El Camino Bracelets for 10 years, and introduced her partner Ben, 32, and her mum, dad and sister to the brand too. Now married with a baby, the whole family wear El Camino Bracelets, and Imogen’s first El Camino features her date of birth on one of her Steps. Chloe explains;

“Ben and I wear all the places special to us and our relationship on our El Camino Bracelets, which is why we love the brand so much, and why I think it appeals to so many people who love to travel like we do. Mine features a France Step, as it is where I went on my first holiday with Imogen in my tummy, and it will be the destination for Imogen’s first holiday. Ben’s bracelet features a Greece Step, as we love to go sailing there. Our favourite Step features on both of our El Camino bracelets – our wedding date. We plan to continue travelling with Imogen, and look forward to adding those special memories to our bracelets as daily reminders of our adventures together.”

Unsurprisingly, businesses where travel is integral make up some of the El Camino community. Holly Hull (34) is the CEO of Corporate Peaks, a London-based Business Travel Specialist, and classes herself as an El Camino Bracelets superfan;

“I wear my El Camino Bracelet with pride as it features all of my favourite places, including Morzine, Ibiza and Oman. Gifting El Camino Bracelets to our clients is an easy decision for my business, as we are a destination events company dedicated to making memories. Our corporate gifting reflects this, and we honour those memories on bracelets for our clients. Thanks to El Camino Bracelets, we have been able to document client journeys in a truly personalised way.”

El Camino Bracelets founder Candace Kellough

El Camino Bracelets founder Candace Kellough, 34, also shares her thoughts on the success and popularity of the brand;

“I’m so pleased Tom and I stuck to our guns all those years ago and turned our dream into a business - and what a journey it has been! An El Camino bracelet is ideal for travel lovers and those who wish to commemorate special moments, as each bracelet is bespoke, so can feature destinations explored or milestones reached. And this in turn makes an El Camino the most thoughtful and unique gift, which is why I think we have so many loyal wonderful El Camino customers of all ages all over the world. It really helps that no two El Camino’s are the same, as each El Camino is as unique as the wearer’s travel story. We’ve witnessed so many moments being commemorated - everything from climbing mountains to oceans sailed, to personal mottos. There’s even a Merry Christmas Step!

Chloe Newbold-Burman, from Sevenoaks, Kent, with her partner and baby

Launching this business has also meant that since 2013, Tom and I have been able to raise £18,300 for several charities close to our hearts, including the World Land Trust, Surfers Against Sewage, Cool Earth and NHS Charities. We’re also proud to say that since day one, El Camino bracelets and necklaces continue to be handmade in the UK.”

El Camino Bracelets prices start from £26.99 for bracelets, £34.99 for necklaces, and Steps from £10.49.

As the business was born in the festive period, El Camino is dedicated to spreading Christmas cheer on the sales front too. The final order date for Christmas delivery is 10am on 21st December, though e-vouchers are available to purchase until midnight on Christmas Eve.

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Holly Hull, the CEO of Corporate Peaks