Extinction Rebellion activist glued to Buckingham Palace gate

A message for the Queen

Extinction Rebellion message to the Queen, activist glued to Buckingham Palace gate

Extinction Rebellion has brought its message to Her Majesty the Queen, one activist is currently superglued to the gate, with another willingly arrested for spraying the extinction symbol on the ground in front of the gates. Around 2,000 Extinction Rebellion activists were gathered in front of the Palace - with a coffin symbolising the death sentence facing the next generation - and have now divided into separate groups to undertake autonomous actions.

So far today there have been 14 people willingly arrested for criminal damage in order to highlight the criminal inaction of the British Government in the face of imminent ecological and climate emergency.

Extinction Rebellion has just held a memorial on Parliament Square to mark the loss of life our planet has, is and will experience - around 200 species per day and rising. Humans represent just 0.01% of all living things yet since the dawn of civilisation, humans have caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of plants, while livestock kept by humans abound. [1]

Jenny Shearer, the activist who glued herself to the gate, said:

“I’m hoping this will get the Royal family to come and join us... I’ll doubt I will be around for that.”

Dr Gail Bradbrook read out a letter addressed to Her Majesty the Queen, Mrs Saxe-Gothe-Coburg: “We are facing the biggest threat to our entire realm and way of life in 1,000 years of our history. We know our rights and are in rebellion to save ourselves, our loved ones and our entire nation. We have asked our government to meet with us and address our demands.

“They have ignored us.”

“With great humility we now come to Your Majesty to implore you to act on our behalf: to fulfil your sacred duty to protect the realm. If you do not protect us from these perils the Social Contact between us shall be broken. It will become our sacred duty to rebel and replace our government with one which honours the first duty of any state: To protect its citizens, their lives and livelihoods. We earnestly implore you to understand that we are more serious about this than anything else in our lives.

“We are British citizens, we know our rights, we know our responsibilities and our duties. We will not tolerate the tyranny of a government that plans the destruction of its people. We are Extinction Rebellion. We thank you deeply for your understanding and await, with keenest interest, Your Majestic response.”