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2015-04-28 04.19.35 pm

Realities of Fracking Leaflet - local campaigner crowdfunds £3K in 2 weeks

Local environmental campaigner Jojo Mehta has raised £3K in a fortnight via crowdfunding to print 80,000 copies of a 4-page leaflet she has produced entitled "What does FRACKING mean?" These will be distributed by volunteers and campaign groups in various locations around the UK, including her home constituency of Stroud. The leaflet is designed for door-to-door and public distribution.  It's particularly aimed at those who wouldn't or can't research the subject online. "The mainstream media have avoided showing the realities of fracking in production," says Ms Mehta. "If people realised what it would actually do to our countryside there is no-one I believe would consent to it." The leaflet does not endorse any particular political party but lists the stances of all the major political parties on fracking (Conservative, Green, Labour, Lib Dem, Plaid Cymru, SNP, UKIP).  However, as this clearly shows, only the Green party has pledged to ban fracking completely. Ms Mehta is shown handing leaflets to local Green MP candidate Sarah Lunnon for distribution in the Stroud area along with Green election materials. "This information is highly relevant now" she says, "but it will remain so after the election as well.  Anyone wanting copies to distribute in their area should get in touch. We're giving them out free of charge while stocks last." (email 2015-04-28 04.15.52 pm