Frome Returns the Plastic to Leading Supermarket

Locals have had enough of plastic and say supermarkets should take action

Frome #Return the Plastic has started at Sainsbury’s.

Around 50 people returned their plastic wrapping to Sainsbury's on Saturday 7th April in Frome with the idea also being taken up in Wells, Bradford on Avon and Warminister. This will be a regular event on the first Saturday of the month in Frome with the next target being M&S on Saturday 5th May and spreading around the country. Julian Thomas who thought of the idea said ‘So much of the plastic waste that we can’t recycle comes from supermarkets. The companies make huge profits while the plastic packaging they sell us causes massive environmental damage as seen recently on BBC’s Blue Planet II. #Returntheplastic is a simple idea to highlight the issue and encourage supermarkets to urgently act to reduce plastic on the products they sell.’

Mendip District Green Party Councillor Shane Collins said ‘The government has just announced a consultation on a plastic tax and a deposit scheme on bottles and pledged to ban 'avoidable' plastics by 2042, but in Somerset in the space of 5 months Frome Town, Glastonbury Town, Mendip District and Somerset County Councils have all agreed to ban single use plastic from their activities, Frome's cafes are greening up offering reusable mugs and water refills, now it is time to pressurise the biggest culprits of all, the supermarkets. We hope on Saturday 5th May lots more towns will join us and return the Plastic to their supermarkets. This is urgent, this is a crisis and we all have a part to play.’ More information can be found at: