Golden Morning of the Anti Frackers

Upton protectors immortalised in striking music video 

Golden Morning' feat. Emily Lubitz The modern world we occupy is fraught with problems, and with the hypocritical duality of humankind. We acknowledge the environmental risks Earth faces, but very few of us do anything about it beyond that. Genre-bending Melbourne producer Eastward's new video for 'Golden Morning' feat. Emily Lubitz does more than explore this logical disconnect: it serves as a warning. Beautifully shot & cut by Ian Gamester (who's shot for Sony, RCA & Universal & been nominated at Tropfest, Vimeo Awards and Virgin Shorts), the clip is set at the successful now-defunct Upton Community Protection Camp. The site was the longest-running anti-fracking camp in the UK, attracting frequent celebrity visitors such as fashion behemoth & activist Vivienne Westwood andBez (Happy Mondays), who both appear in the video. It's a raw testament to the bravery of the modern activist; and a stark caution to the viewer, with Eastward & Gamester asking: "Are we so disengaged from nature that we are content to sit back and watch its demise on our iPads?"

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