Happy World Vasectomy Day

Don't be a drip... get the snip!

What is Word Vasectomy Day?

On October 18, 2013, co-founders Jonathan Stack and Dr. Doug Stein launched World Vasectomy Day. Their hope was to inform people about vasectomies, bring these services to those furthest afield, and to inspire men to engage in the conversation about family planning. Not only did we achieve our goal to inspire 100 doctors in 25 countries to do 1,000 vasectomies in a 24 hour period, we also had over 25,000 media impressions, made the evening news in dozens of cities, and were written about by bloggers and journalists all around the world. World Vasectomy Day is not just about numbers of vasectomies done, but about the quality of the conversations our efforts ignite.  For those who chose this option, we thank you, not for just taking care of yourselves, but for making the right choice for your children, your partners and our collective future. Based on the overwhelming level of participation in WVD, we are now declaring November 7 as World Vasectomy Day, 2014! world-vasectomy-day2014 WVD-superhero-website-event-page-300px