How to take corporations down for the criminal destruction of our planet

Honouring Polly Higgins: Jojo Mehta & Gail Bradbrook (founder - Extinction Rebellion)

The talk Polly was scheduled to give at the Findhorn Climate Change & Consciousness Conference 2019, becomes a fitting tribute to (and update on) her work from her right-hand woman Jojo Mehta with a no-holds-barred introduction from Extinction Rebellion co-founder Dr Gail Bradbrook. A mere few days after her departure from this dimension, Polly's courageous and inspiring legacy is carried forward as she passes the baton to all of us.

Polly Higgins was both a lawyer with a razor-sharp mind and a visionary with uncompromising principles. The law of ecocide she worked so tirelessly to progress really does have the power to change history, because it prevents and prohibits the large-scale destruction of ecosystems. It rekindles hope - not that we can preserve society as we know it, but that if we act now, we can move through this crisis into a world that operates very differently indeed... a world based on a principle of 'first do no harm'.

(Jojo Mehta, co-founder with Polly Higgins of the Stop Ecocide: change the law campaign)

Serious harm to the Earth IS preventable: when government ministers can no longer issue permits for it, when insurers can no longer underwrite it, when investors can no longer back it, when CEOs can be held criminally responsible for it, the harm will stop. Make ecocide a CRIME.