How to use social media to drive environmental activism

Champion surfer - Sophie Hellyer waves her mooncup around on stage, throws a tampon applicator and say ‘poo’ three times in this surprising and inspiring TED talk

Because of her profession as professional surfer, Sophie Hellyer spends almost everyday on the beach and in the sea. It is there, that she witnesses the disturbing amount of waste washed upon the shore, every day. In her passionate and inspiring talk, she finds answers for cleaner beaches... 

Sophie is - among many things - a surfer, writer, environmentalist, feminist and public speaker. She was previously an English and British Champion surfer and loves the water and ocean. Thanks to her athleticism and profound connection with the ocean, Sophie’s passion to create positive social change has led her to take a proactive approach in both protecting our oceans and fostering diversity in sports.

Sophie Hellyer surfing