Ibiza goes BOOM!

Twisted oil corps are about to blow out sea creature's brains with massive sonic guns


Oil companies want to search for oil in the sea around Ibiza and its neighbouring islands – using unimaginably loud airguns. But this noise is deadly to whales, dolphins and fish! Please help to protect marine animals now

The deep blue waters around Ibiza and its neighbouring islands can truly be called a natural paradise. They are home to whales, dolphins and thousands of species of fish. But this unique oasis could vanish forever – if we don’t offer resistance together. Right in the waters of the Spanish archipelago the oil industry wants to search for oil, using unimaginably loud air guns. This extreme noise can cause marine animals to panic, to beach or to die on open sea. Even marine protected areas would be affected! Protest now ------------------------------------------------------------ We have to stop the ruthless oil companies immediately. We have only 3 weeks left. But we’ve got a plan how to avert catastrophe. To do so, we now need your support. On August 4^th an OceanCare expert delegation will be going to Spain to directly negotiate with the government. We will struggle as hard as we can to stop the projected oil exploration. But we need additional pressure by the public – by people like you. Only then our call will gain the necessary weight to be successful. Please help by sending a letter of protest against the planned oil exploration to the Spanish government. Protest now: Together we can protect marine animals from deadly noise. PS: Please share our protest on facebook or via e-mail. The more people are joining, the more powerful our voice for marine animal protection will be. Thank you! Facebook      [Twitter](! Nuclear-explosion wal_860   girl splash

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