Letters to our children

Moving short film shows parents confessions of fear and hope to their children as climate crisis intensifies

Letters to our children, a powerful and emotional new video from Extinction Rebellion Families, offers a heartfelt message of love and grief from the generation currently ruining the planet to the ones who will inherit a climate-wrecked world - our own children.

108 individuals of all ages and backgrounds give voice to thoughts and segment from real letters written by concerned parents and carers across the globe to their children about the accelerating Climate & Ecological Emergency.

Looking directly into the camera, they each hold up evocative key words from the letters, or narrate sections that express the sorrow that they feel about the destruction of the natural world on their watch, and their determination to fight to preserve what they can for younger generations.

“My worst fears are coming true; climate change is accelerating”

“I worry about your physical and mental health, about the toll that climate breakdown will have on you”

“I am not powerless, I have a voice and will forever use it to fight to create a better future, because all the world's children and grandchildren are ours”

Claudia and Julie, who produced and created the film alongside fellow XR Families members Miranda and Isa, say: 'Our aim is to keep it simple and emotional and cut through to the essential motivation for change - the biggest common denominator - our love and concern for all of our children and all future generations.”

'We want to encourage viewers to actively participate in creating a better, fairer and sustainable future, one built with life at the forefront of all decision making processes; not profit over life.'

Despite being made by, and featuring, Extinction Rebellion activists, they do not see the film as a recruiting tool for a single movement. 'Where they go to participate actively isn’t our primary concern - this is not an XR specific mobilisation tool, but one that hopefully would appeal to many different organisations with the same intentions to shape a better, climate-safe future,'

None of us deserve to have our future stolen!

Don't be a bystander, get involved!