My Joyous Extinction Rebellion Experience

It felt truly great to be alive and present witnessing this vibrant earthy rebellion

The Extinction Rebellion was calling!

I am not a veteran campaigner but I was so excited and happy to be in London - my hometown, able to witness and be a part of this incredible new movement.

Not knowing what to expect, I headed out on Tuesday straight to Marble Arch to visit the Wellbeing hub where a friend was holding space for the rebellion activists. With wholesome events and talks on all week it was a warm welcoming nook in the open vibrant streets of London. A lot of effort had gone into creating somewhere special to support tired, hungry or concerned citizens who are on the streets because they cannot bear what is happening to the natural world any more.

The minute I walked out of the tube it just felt right. A group of people giving a demo on using bicycles to create energy were right outside with what can only be described as a wonderfully friendly and happy looking crowd. Families, couples, the elderly and big groups of friends just floated through the streets with huge grins on their faces.

The energy was full power and infectious. I took a few deep breaths standing on a ledge overlooking the campsite of where hundreds of people had slept overnight, really breathing in this incredible scene and giving thanks to the organisers and all the people on this planet for protecting and caring for mother earth, Pacha mama, Gaia or however you feel earth to be.

I felt so content and proud to be a part of that moment, in a loving non-violent way. The people I continued to meet throughout the day only added to its glory. The most beautifully eclectic people with one common purpose, to love and take care of our home. Mmm, that was goodness right there. It was wonderful to spend time with Antarma - a London based musician and meditation teacher who performed at both Oxford Circus and Marble Arch helping to focus minds on the true purpose of protest - to help those in need.

As I walked up marble arch to Oxford Circus the vibe was electric, so much warmth and happiness emanating from peoples faces and spreading like wildfire. Everyone was a part of a friendly revolution. Beautiful displays of love and connection everywhere. Music playing from a big pink boat in the middle of the road in Oxford Circus, and just to add to the sweetness, layers of soil spread across the ground for soft landing dancing feet. I felt that was such a genuinely attentive and thoughtful thing to do.

I held onto another moment of gratitude for amazing humans and this inspiring collection of growth going on. A hilarious tuk tuk ride was another unforgettable moment with the djembe's beats blaring down the street, drumming sacred sanskrit melodies creating a wave of appreciation as we drove past. It felt truly great to be alive and present in that moment, holding onto a couple of watermelon juices whilst the gentle raindrops cooled my face. I think if I were to describe the experience in a few words they would have to be inspiring, powerful and joyous.

I feel a huge amount of gratitude and that in itself is a powerful sentiment. I also feel its a beautiful thing for everyone to witness, so if there is an extinction rebellion is taking place in your city, I couldn't recommend it more to just get out there and be a part of it! Its amazing. Forever in awe at the humans organising these events, thank you for helping to guide us to collectively defend mother earth.

"Loca Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu!" May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all.