New open source site makes recycling plastic available to EVERYONE

Learn how to easily build machines to recycle turn old plastic into awesome new things\_continue=181&v=8J7JZcsoHyA 

Now you can easily build machines to recycle your old plastic and turn your waste into wonderful new things - thanks to Precious Plastic. The new open source movement started by Dutch man Dave Hakkens gives online step by step video tutorials on how to collect plastic, build your very own machines needed to recycle all different types of plastic and then shows you how to make new useful objects using your recycled plastic; all of which he claims can be done using basic materials found in scrap yards all over the world. What are you waiting for? Start a plastic recycling revolution in your neighbourhood and start making awesome stuff. In the meantime spread the word and let’s make sure it reaches everyone from Belarus to the Bahamas! Precious-Plastic-Dave-Hakkens-5