New petition calls on Marks & Spencer to come clean

M&S are labelling factory farmed salmon as “responsibly sourced” despite its massive harmful impacts

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Marks & Spencer is misleading its customers with fake environmental claims about its farmed salmon. Please can you sign the petition and help embarrass them into stopping?

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M&S sell tens of thousands of tonnes of farmed salmon every year. Scientists stay that this causes horrendous environmental damage, as well as disease and suffering for the caged fish. But right now, to add insult to injury, M&S are misleading customers by labelling this harmful product as “responsibly sourced”.

M&S have cultivated a brand that’s all about trust and sustainability. Pasting “responsibly sourced” labels on an environmentally destructive product goes against everything they claim to stand for. A big petition, calling out the dishonesty of their salmon labels, will prove that this is damaging their reputation and they need to stop.

Please help call M&S out on their fake claims that their salmon is “responsible”:

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Hundreds of wild fish are killed to produce 1 farmed salmon

M&S wants us to buy their farmed salmon in the belief that it is a “responsible” alternative to wild fish. In reality, salmon farms rely on catching vast quantities of wild fish to feed the caged animals - driving over-fishing and endangering ecosystems.

Closer to home, salmon farms are a huge source of pollution of Scotland’s beautiful coastline. And farmed salmon are infested with disease and sea-lice, which causes them huge suffering and spreads to wild fish in the surrounding area.

Factory farmed salmon are eaten alive by sea lice in the cages

Right now, M&S has calculated that they can make money from selling misleadingly labelled farmed salmon, without facing any wider consequences. But if their brand managers see the petition growing, and word spreading on social media, they’ll have to reassess this. Enough pressure, and they’ll conclude it’s not worth their while.

Every signature on the petition will make M&S more uncomfortable. Please add your name now:

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(Ecohustler editor)

PS: Forcing M&S to drop its “responsibly sourced” labels would send shockwaves through the salmon farming industry. It wouldn’t solve all the problems – but it would be an important step towards forcing this industry to start cleaning up its act. So please add your name now!