Power Trip: Fracking in the UK

Ordinary people are going to extraordinary lengths to stop extreme energy extraction in England\_gTI 

New movie on Fracking is on tour of England

A new movie documenting the battle to stop the controversial energy extraction process known as ‘Fracking' is on tour around England. Power Trip: Fracking in the UK (63 mins - 2018) is produced by Undercurrents productions and shows what happens beyond the few seconds glimpsed on the mainstream TV news. The highly charged movie follows a group of Lancashire grandmothers as they teamed up with younger activists to shut down Cuadrilla's Fracking sites during 2017. In Lancashire and Sussex trucks are occupied, drilling sites are blocked and supply chains are disrupted. The film highlights how Lancashire Police spent £7 million last year protecting just one potential Fracking site near Blackpool.

Tour dates here

The Director of the film, Paul O’Connor of Undercurrents will be attending the showings for a Q&A afterwards. He said; ‘We wanted to make this film because we wanted to explore what this term ‘Fracking’ actually meant. We were really shocked when we discovered that Energy insiders told us that it risked polluting our water table.’ Paul O’Connor of Undercurrents continued; ‘Power Trip: Fracking in the UK became a film about how ordinary people are going to extraordinary lengths to stop a dirty industry from starting in England. We spent months living and filming with the activists and hearing their experiences first hand. We also interviewed top Politicians, local residents and councillors, as well as Energy industry experts to present a wider picture of what is going on.’ In the hour long film, one campaigner tries to make a citizens arrest on the Prime Minister for allegedly misleading the public over this form of extreme energy extraction. The film widens the discussion to highlight the role of the media and lobby groups in shaping public perception of unconventional gas and oil exploration.

Watch the Full Movie Here