Seven simple steps to improve your quality of life and save CO2

As the deadline of 2030 for radical carbon reductions looms ever closer, environmental champion Mukti Mitchell says individuals working collectively have the power to drive changes, simultaneously raising health and wellbeing

In association with Carbon Savvy and the Resurgence Trust, he presents a ground-breaking new course providing simple tools anyone can use to reduce their carbon footprint and live happier, healthier lives

The seven-week Carbon Ambassadors course starts Friday 28 May, 2021.

Featuring leading green thinkers Satish Kumar, Penney Poyzer & Peter Owen Jones.

During the COVID lockdowns, a WWF Study found that British people have reduced their carbon footprints by about 17%. But what will happen now that it’s business as normal? Can we use lessons learned from the COVID crisis to start living in ways that are more satisfying and more sustainable?

Mukti Mitchell is confident that such a change will be beneficial. He says:

I've found over 25 years that the things I do to reduce my carbon footprint usually make me happier, healthier and save me money. So I’m convinced that going towards zero carbon Britain is going to improve the quality of our lives. Here are my seven simple steps for living a higher quality, lower carbon life. Just try one or two and see if you feel uplifted.

7 Simple Steps

  1. For the most delicious, nutritious and healthy food, buy local, seasonal and organic (a great one for foodies!) Also try reducing meat and dairy by having one vegan day per week. This can improve health, introduce you to new dishes, and save you money
  2. For short journeys, walk or cycle to get the benefits of exercise and being outdoors. E-bikes can be a great help for journeys of up to 5 miles.
  3. Take a local holiday or staycation and get to know your own area better. Save on the stress caused by long distance travel.
  4. Insulate your house. Be warmer, save money on fuel bills, and get a high return on your investment.
  5. For household items, buy high quality and enjoy something which doesn’t break down or need replacing for a long time. Buying second hand can enable you to get higher quality products for the same amount of money, which is very satisfying.
  6. Switch to a renewable energy supplier and feel good about your energy use.
  7. Within Europe, take one less flight and go by train or ferry. Savour the experience of slow travel and you’ll enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Learn more about why all these actions save CO2 by visiting Here you can also do the carbon footprint calculator, find out your CO2 baseline and check out theCarbon Ambassadors course.