The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial

"Don't drink Coke. It is killing you and your family." 

"Don't drink Coke. It is killing you and your family." Coca-Cola wants us to believe that is is a responsible company that cares about the impact it has on the world - so it has put out a new obesity ad. This kind of marketing demonstrates that they are aware of some of the issues associated with their products but it doesn't even begin to tackle them. The main problems with Coca Cola beverage products:

  • they are unhealthy, make you fat and cause disease
  • they are delivered in disposable containers that pollute
  • they are part of a massive corporate machine that concentrates wealth
  • they have hijacked large amounts of public space for marketing that distorts ideas about happiness - i.e. drink this to be happy, sexy and popular - unhelpful and inaccurate information

None of these are dealt with properly in the advert. Which is why we recommend - you don't ever buy a product from Coca Cola! Do-Not-Buy-Sticker_Visual-2 bansky-coca-cola-bottle