The Local Intelligence Hub supports climate campaigners

New online tool launches, will help climate campaigners to understand where their interventions will have the most impact

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With the UK’s 2024 general election looming and party climate spending commitments under the microscope, The Climate Coalition and mySociety, in partnership with Green Alliance, today launch the Local Intelligence Hub.

This free online tool, designed to supercharge capacity for time-poor climate campaigners, brings together data from opinion polls, political activity, place-based risk and the climate and nature movement.

This data can be viewed in a huge variety of combinations, providing campaigning, advocacy and policymaking organisations with the ability to understand the picture at a local constituency or national level.

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Example 1: A nationwide campaign wishes to build support for energy efficiency measures, and wants to know where its messaging will have the most effect. They identify regions where there is high support for Net Zero interventions and a high number of households in fuel poverty.

Example 2: A campaign for sustainable, local food in schools wants to know which areas will be most receptive to their campaigning.They identify the constituencies where a higher than average number of people are worried that they will need to use a foodbank in the next year; and where levels of child poverty are above the national median.They filter further to find rural constituencies.

Areas displaying these metrics, and many more, can be identified with the dropdown options on the Hub's map page.

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Example 3: A small local campaign wishes to fully understand the mood of the constituency compared against the actions of their MP, before meeting with them. Putting their postcode into the Local Intelligence Hub homepage, they find all the context they require.

The Local Intelligence Hub is a vital resource, enabling people to engage with their communities and political candidates on green issues.

It helps community groups and individual campaigners to have informed conversations with their local political representatives or candidates for election, in order to demonstrate the diversity and scale of the public mandate for action on climate and nature in communities across the UK.

Helen Meech, Executive Director at The Climate Coalition, says:

_“In this election year and critical decade for our planet, we are sending a clear message: now is not the time to water down climate and nature commitments or slow the pace of action. As data on The Hub shows, across the UK people are concerned by loss of nature and destruction of the environment , and they want action. We need political candidates across the political spectrum to see that we are a nation of green hearts, united by our desire to see urgent action to tackle climate change and protect nature." _

Louise Crow, Chief Executive of mySociety, says:

“Good democratic decision-making happens when communities and their representatives can have informed conversations. The Local Intelligence Hub brings a wealth of information that will help all kinds of people across the UK participate in meaningful decisions that will affect their lives and futures.”

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