UK's leading Environmental Artists join for London show 

A unique celebration of emerging and cutting edge environmental art. See you there?

[caption id="attachment_6748" align="aligncenter" width="706"]bird jay Jay in Acton, by ATM[/caption]

**Human Nature: **An exhibition of visual art exploring our changing relationship with the environment

[caption id="attachment_6749" align="alignright" width="394"]lesley hiling bridesmaid Lesley Hilling - The Bridesmaid, made from objects lost and found[/caption] Hoxton Arches, Cremer St, London E2 8HD 14 & 15 October 2014 11am-5pm Private view drinks: Tuesday 14 October 6-9​ pm and Wednesday 15 October 6-9pm RSVP to Human Nature is a unique celebration of emerging and cutting edge environmental art. Featuring over 80 works from 14 artists, Human Nature explores our complex relationship with the environment in a time of increasing pressure to reduce our impact on the world. It explores issues of climate change, extinction and man’s fundamental connection to nature. Sponsored by leading renewable energy crowd funders, Abundance, this new mixed medium exhibition showcases photography; artworks made from salvaged materials; paintings; sculpture and street art. Featuring immersive photographs from one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers, Harry Cory Wright; the show also includes some of London's best street art from ATM’s giant rare birds, Jonesy’s miniature bronze sculptures and unique work from both chewing gum artist Ben Wilson and ‘mushroom man’ Christiaan Nagel.  Human Nature also includes sculpture from objects lost and found by London's Lesley Hilling; mysterious photographs of natural symmetry by South Africa’s Oliver Barnett; evocative oils from Gordon Glyn-Jones and Northern Ireland’s Nicola Nemec. The artists are being supported by the UK’s leading renewable energy crowd funding company, Abundance. Bruce Davis, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director of Abundance said: “Human nature reflects a radical shift which is occurring in our culture and economy.  We need art to do more than just show us a cynical reflection of ourselves and our consumerism.  We need art that says something about the world we are wasting and the value that exists in nature which we should all want to ensure is passed on to the next generations. Money and art have always been uneasy bedfellows but we believe that supporting artists who have something powerful to say about the relationship between humans and nature has never been more relevant.” He added: “Abundance is pleased to support this unique gathering of artists and their work which is part and parcel of helping shift our attitudes and our money away from a dependence on fossil fuels and other forms of unsustainable economics and towards a win win of clean, renewable energy that gives a good return on your investment. We hope it provokes people to think again about the relationship between themselves and nature.” Charlotte Webster of Good Shout Studio, curating the show said: “We face huge challenges in how we interact with nature, and who better to explore our relationship with the world than artists. This diverse exhibition questions the very essence of our humanity, explores what drives us to connect to our environment and how we’re responding to nature’s call to adapt to a world of finite resources.  Unlike most galleries, the participating artists will also receive the full proceeds of each sale.” Human Nature is also being sponsored by Snow Leopard Vodka, a British vodka company which gives 15% its profits directly to snow leopard conservation projects through the Snow Leopard Trust. For more information go to: [caption id="attachment_6750" align="aligncenter" width="704"]Oliver Barnett Finnians Path Oliver Barnett Finnians Path[/caption] For more information contact Charlotte Webster   ​About the artists ​Below is a list of participating artists:

  • Harry Cory Wright​ -​ A leading landscape photographer exploring the essence of place.
  • ATM​ - ​The street artist painting giant birds in London's most deprived areas.
  • Lesley Hilling​ - Sculpture from objects lost and found.​
  • Tim Godwin​ - Screen printing with natural inks.
  • Jonesy​ -A hidden environmental protest street sculpture gem with a passion for music.
  • Walden​ - The creator of the street art 'Extinction Project'​.
  • Oliver Barnett​ ​- Photographer taking an up close and personal look at plant life.
  • Gordon Glyn-Jones​ - Brave, large format oil paintings looking nature in the face.​
  • Ben Wilson​ - The 'Chewing gum man', turning London's waste into wonder.
  • Nicola Nemec​ - Renewable energy landscapes​ of Northern Ireland.
  • Christiaan Nagel​ - London's mushroom maker exploring spiritual connection with nature.
  • Charlotte Webster​ - Vibrant up cycled furniture, fabric ​and painting on reclaimed wood.
  • Simon Corby​ - Landscape gardener with a passion for paint and print.
  • Meraud Bawden​ - Recent graduate exploring our natural environment in abstract acrylic.

[caption id="attachment_6751" align="aligncenter" width="537"]Ben Wilson - Painting Chewing Gum Ben Wilson - Painting Chewing Gum[/caption]