Until the last Oak falls - event in Frome

Extraordinary unseen photographs by Adrian Fisk from early British environmental direct action protests 1995 - 1999

Until the last Oak falls is a book of extraordinary unseen photographs by Adrian Fisk from early British environmental direct action protests 1995 - 1999 with a foreword written by award winning activist writer Jay Griffiths.

This compelling and awe-inspiring hardback book reminds us of those that did all they could quarter of a century ago to warn us of the dangers of environmental destruction. For the newer generation of environmental activists this extraordinary collection of photographs shines a light on the roots of the movement they rightly fight so hard for. Having a clear sense and understanding of the lineage and ancestry they follow strengthens those who currently work tirelessly to change our present trajectory. What was activism like back then and why is it important now?

Thursday 10th Nov evening sees the opening of the Until the last Oak falls exhibition followed by a talk taking you on a deep dive through the roots of the British environmental movement. Adrian Fisk will take you on a riveting and compelling journey with stories behind the photographs and a talk that is as inspiring as it is moving.

There will be a limited number of copies of this first edition hardback which will be available to buy signed on the night as well as posters.

The evening forms part of the Until the last Oak falls events at the Gallery at The Station with Shane Collins talking on Friday 11th Nov evening about 'The Climate Crisis - 5 things to change & 5 ways to do it'

The exhibition of photographs from the book will be from 8th - 13th November at the gallery.

Adrian Fisk’s work has featured in the world’s top current-affairs periodicals, from National Geographic and The Economist to Vogue and ID Magazine. In the noughties he was identified as one of ‘The world’s top photographers’ in the book published by Rotovision. Photographing some of the most iconic counter cultural movements of the 1990’s his work has been exhibited internationally including the 2016 East Wing Biennial at the Courtauld Institute of Art and the Saatchi gallery in 2019 which showcased his series ‘London Acid City’ documenting illegal raves in the 90’s.

This special event is happening at Gallery at the Station Frome

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