Women on Fire - the birth of TreeSisters

A collision with a tree, an information download, a mission to reforest the tropics - the birth of TreeSisters

Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters, talks about how TreeSisters came about, what it is and why it matters. A collision with a tree, an information download, a mission to reforest the tropics - the birth of Treesisters

TreeSisters Journey to a Billion Trees


There is a powerful solution to climate change ~ the radical reforestation of our planet. Join our grassroots network of women and help plant a billion trees in the tropics.

women on fire

Can we choose to wake up and restore our planet as a collective expression of love?

There is a powerful solution to climate change ~ the radical reforestation of our planet. Trees restore life in so many amazing ways, yet humanity is currently planting only half of what we cut globally. It’s time to change that by invoking a reforestation revolution. 

That's why TreeSisters is launching their Billion Trees Campaign - a multi-year campaign that begins with an exciting seven-week journey of online events, starting October 19th. Their ‘Journey to a Billion Trees’ will be a transformational journey to inspire, ignite and catalyze you to become a force of nature on behalf of nature. 

The TreeSisters global network of women is currently planting a million trees a year and now it’s time to play all out for our planet and start the journey to plant one billion every year. Would you like to be part of a circle of women who are taking a stand on behalf of life? This will be a journey of discovery together, a radically different kind of environmental campaign with an inner and outer experience of personal transformation and positive, green, leafy action designed to give you a beautiful, hope-filled and genuinely life and planet changing experience. 

We stand at a huge threshold where our behaviours are no longer sustainable for our ecology, yet we know in our hearts that together we can shape the future that we need to create for future generations. We can do this, together.

TreeSisters Journey to a Billion Trees


At the heart of the TreeSisters: women seeding change "Journey to a Billion Trees" campaign is an embodied experience that is designed to help us shift from what we are calling a consumer species to a restorer species - an evolution of humanity that helps restore all aspects of Nature. 

This 'Journey of Awakening' will be hosted by Clare Dubois, founder of and will feature weekly Global Meditations and FaceBook Live teachings and interviews with global leaders. It is virtual and free and open to all. 

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How will the journey unfold? (Save the dates!) 

All events will happen at 11 am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK 

(We will do live replays of all events at 3pm Perth / 6pm Melbourne / 8pm Auckland the following day) 


Do you long to touch the truth of your own magnificence, access life’s limitless intelligence and redefine yourself and your humanity in terms of connection, reverence and restoration so that you can leave a legacy that reflects your heart’s longing? 

Here we prepare to let go of the shore of our old identity, so that the river of life can teach us who and what we really are. 

(Because of daylight savings, these events will happen at 6pm UK) 

Tues 31st Oct ~ FaceBook Live with Clare: Embracing the Unknown to Become Limitless 

Weds 1st Nov ~ Global Healing Meditation: Revealing the Goddess 

Thurs 2nd Nov ~ Interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard ~ Awaken New Species 


Do you long for true togetherness, to be healed by unconditional acceptance and be invited to love, utterly, with nothing held back, so that you can discover what we can birth on this planet, through reverence and support of each other? 

Here we prepare to move beyond judgment and separation to open to the universal human heart in its highest expression. 

Tues 7th Nov ~ FaceBook Live with Clare: How to Trust Togetherness Weds 8th Nov ~ Global Healing Meditation: Embracing Love 

Thurs 9th Nov ~ Interview with Chameli Ardagh ~ Evolution Through Love 


Do you long to experience your indivisibility from nature, liberate the fear and grief you hold in your body and undam your inner rivers so that you can experience intimacy with nature as a gateway to your own power to create planetary change? 

Here we merge with nature as our greater body to reclaim the pure potency of life force through pleasure and grief to ignite our courage and creativity. 

Tues 14th Nov ~ FaceBook Live with Clare: Feeling Our Way Home 

Weds 15th Nov ~ Global Healing Meditation: Embracing Nature 

Thurs 16th Nov ~ Interview with Joanna Macy: Grief, Grit and Grace 


Do you long to take off your brakes, let go into your inner knowing, tap your connection to all life, root yourself in this truth and liberate yourself into sacred activism for the planet in ways that make sense to your heart? 

Here we seek to unleash our love into action, alchemize internal chains into quantum leaps and activate our restorer consciousness and the appropriate response to restore our world. 

Tues 21st Nov ~ FaceBook Live with Clare: Spread Your Wings and Fly 

Weds 22nd Nov ~ Global Healing Meditation: Wild Activation Thurs 23rd Nov ~ Interview with Jensine Larsen: Defying the Cage: The World’s Greatest Uprising 


Do you long to blaze with passion and purpose and liberate yourself from playing small to dissolve the past, so that you can ride your own river, embody your uniqueness and thrive within the giving of gifts that bring you into your aliveness? 

Here we dare to bow to our own life force and soul, trusting passion and purpose, alchemizing the fear of being seen, and living as permission and astonishing ourselves in the process. 

Tues 28th Nov ~ FaceBook Live with Clare: Breaking Through to Outrageous YES 

Weds 29th Nov ~ Global Healing Meditation: Shine Your Light 

Thurs 23rd Nov ~ Interview with MILCK: I Can’t Stand Quiet 


Do you long to feel so connected, grounded, centered and anchored in yourself that you become your own living transmission of life force aligned with all that is, belonging to Earth, and embodying your natural state as nature aware of itself? 

Here we seek our return to wholeness, belonging to Mother Gaia, each other and ourselves, embodying the restorer consciousness as the compass for a future where all life thrives. 

Tues 5th Dec ~ FaceBook Live with Clare: Returning to Source and Choosing Self 

Weds 6th Dec ~ Global Healing Meditation: The Return to Belonging 

Thurs 7th Dec ~ Interview Mona Polacca, the youngest of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers: Earth Communion ~ Our Homecoming 

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