Natural Lifestyle Guru to Run Barefoot Across Britain

Tony Riddle will celebrate natural health and shine a light on environmental solutions

Tony Riddle is excited to be taking part in a new barefoot running challenge where he will be traversing the beautiful British countryside covering a whopping 1407km as he runs from Land’s End to John o‘Groats. A challenge like this is a test of endurance, celebrating and promoting barefoot running. It also provides an important platform to help raise awareness for sustainability, connecting with our environment and demonstrating the incredible possibilities of our human physicality.

Tony will run barefoot covering approximately 30 miles a day, for 30 days and interviewing a series of sustainability and environmental experts, inviting them to join him on his journey.

At the weekends Tony will be collaborating with Plogolution to host a series of Plogging (picking up litter as you jog) events along his route to clean up our natural landscapes, one piece of discarded litter at a time. These events will be widely publicised with members of the public invited to join Tony on his epic journey for either 5k, 10k, half or full marathon segments. This will help to raise even more awareness for our environment and will clean up our natural landscapes, one piece of discarded litter at a time.

Focusing on sustainability, plogging and of course, movement and barefoot running, Tony will provide a running update through his journey across the country.

Why sustainability:

“If we are so disconnected from, and void of nature, how can we ever relate to our environmental issues and fully commit to sustainability. If we can’t connect or relate to nature what chance do we have of saving it; including ourselves”.

As a father to three children, soon to be four; Tony feels the urgency for change in our current disconnected behaviours. and feels we need to do more to communicate the problem that arises from our disconnection from the Natural world. Tony will be looking to raise awareness for the environment and will be choosing 5 top charities that are fighting to protect our oceans, lands and animals (including Human) species.