The Sharkwater trilogy: available to watch for free now on WaterBear

The Sharkwater Trilogy showcases the beauty of sharks and raises awareness of the constant threats these majestic predators are facing

WaterBear, a free streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet, today releases the award-winning Sharkwater trilogy - Sharkwater (2006), Revolution (2012) and Sharkwater Extinction (2018) - for free for the first time on the platform and app.

Produced and directed by late Canadian filmmaker and activist Rob Stewart, the three action and adventure documentaries not only showcase the beauty of sharks, the oceans and their creatures, but they also shine a spotlight on the constant threats the shark population is facing; from debunking historical stereotypes and media depictions of sharks to exposing the massive illegal shark fin industry.

Rob Stewart was a biologist, conservationist, activist and filmmaker who brought the devastating issue of shark finning to the world stage. Sharkwater helped change laws and public policy throughout the world and created hundreds of shark conservation groups. More than 90 countries have now banned shark finning or the trade of shark products. However, many countries continue to kill sharks for trading or ‘public safety'. In fact, shark culling programs are still in operation in Australia, in Queensland and New South Wales.

In collaboration with Sea Shepherd and Parley for the Oceans, WaterBear is encouraging its members to support the ‘Nets out Now’ petition to end 84 years of shark culling in Australia by removing nets and drumlines. These practices are cruel and outdated and have been proven time and again to be ineffective and extremely harmful not only to sharks, but also to many other wildlife species To turn intention into action, while watching the films, members will be able to sign the petition as well as donate to the Rob Stewart Sharkwater foundation that is committed to protecting sharks, our ecosystems and our oceans.

Jonathan Clark, the Coordinator of Sea Shepherd's Apex Harmony Campaign in Queensland, Australia said: “We welcome with great anticipation the release of the Sharkwater films – films that have truly made a difference to the plight of sharks worldwide. Rob Stewart’s work blazed a trail for others to follow and showed the world the critical importance of sharks and why protection is necessary. His work brought the issues into the hearts and minds of so many and he changed many of those minds.”

Josh Blau, Head of Acquisitions at WaterBear said: “At WaterBear we believe that storytelling through film is a crucial tool to drive impact. Every year, over 100 millions of sharks are killed by humans and many shark species are threatened with extinction due to overfishing. Rob Stewart is an inspiration and we want to honor his legacy and work by shining a spotlight on this devastating issue and encourage our members to take action.”

WaterBear has spoken to the family of Simon Nellist, the diving instructor and ocean conservation advocate who died tragically at a beach in Sydney and they fully support this campaign.

Sharkwater (2006)

For filmmaker Rob Stewart, exploring sharks began as an underwater adventure. What it turned into was a beautiful and dangerous life journey into the balance of life on earth. Driven by passion fed from a lifelong fascination with sharks, Stewart debunks historical stereotypes and media depictions of sharks as bloodthirsty, man-eating monsters and reveals the reality of sharks as pillars in the evolution of the seas. Filmed in visually stunning, high definition video, Sharkwater takes you into the most shark rich waters of the world, exposing the exploitation and corruption surrounding the world’s shark populations in the marine reserves of Cocos Island, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

Revolution (2012)

In this highly anticipated follow up to the hit Sharkwater, filmmaker Rob Stewart brings us on an adventure 3.5 billion years in the making – from the evolution of life to the revolution underway to save us. Filmed over four years in 15 countries, Revolution captures some of the most remarkable wildlife spectacles ever recorded, and gives audiences a firsthand look into the biggest battle ever fought. Discovering that it’s not just sharks that are in jeopardy – but us – Stewart looks to the evolution of life and past revolutions in order to uncover the secrets necessary to save our world. Joining the activists and youth fighting to save their future, Stewart’s journey of hope is startling, beautiful and provocative, revealing this crisis as an opportunity for everyone to become a hero.

Sharkwater Extinction (2018)

Sharkwater Extinction is a thrilling and inspiring action packed journey that follows filmmaker Rob Stewart as he exposes the massive illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it — a conspiracy that is leading to the extinction of sharks. From West Africa, Spain, Panama, Costa Rica, France, and even in our own backyard, Stewart’s third film dives into the often violent underworld of the pirate fishing trade to expose a multi-billion dollar industry. Shark finning is still rampant, shark fin soup is still being consumed on an enormous scale, and endangered sharks are now also being used to make products for human consumption. Stewart’s mission is to save the sharks and oceans before it’s too late. But exposing illegal activities isn’t easy; protecting sharks has earned him some powerful enemies.

WaterBear mobilises its members to support the ‘Nets out Now’ petition to end shark culling in Australia. Sign the petition here.