Award-winning short documentary following the six month life of a factory farmed piglet

Every year, across the UK and EU, around 10 million sows and their piglets are locked up in cages for weeks at a time. ‘M6NTHS’, an award-winning documentary by Eline Helena Schellekens, reveals the suffering that these animals endure by following the life of piglets on factory farms. The film has already won a Panda Award – the most prestigious award for wildlife films.

M6NTHS OFFICIAL TRAILER from Eline Helena Schellekens on Vimeo.

Compassion in World Farming is sharing this powerful film here for two weeks only, in support of the End the Cage Age campaign. Watch and share it now to show your support – and remember to sign the petition too! If you think animals deserve a life worth living, please join the movement to End the Cage Age:

Viewed the full 12-minute film until 18th February here