Parents call on UK and Norwegian governments to stop development of huge Rosebank oil field in the North Sea

Burning Rosebank’s oil and gas would produce over 200 million tonnes of CO2 - more than the combined annual CO2 emissions of all 28 low-income countries in the world

Thousands of concerned parents and carers have already signed the petition demanding that the UK and Norwegian Governments commit to stopping the development of the controversial Rosebank oil field project - the biggest undeveloped oil field in the North Sea

Led by Parents For Future UK - one of the UKs fastest-growing climate movements - the petition also targets the Norwegian Government, the majority owners of fossil fuel giant Equinor. This is the company behind the development of Rosebank if approved.

Burning Rosebank’s oil and gas would produce over 200 million tonnes of CO2 - more than the combined annual CO2 emissions of all 28 low-income countries in the world. Leading scientists have spelled out to leaders that stopping all new oil and gas projects is crucial in order to limit global warming and its severe consequences.

The demand comes at a time when both the UK Government and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are drawing widespread criticism for their inaction on climate issues.

As well as stopping Rosebank, parents and carers are also calling on the Government to invest instead in renewable energy, and in energy efficiency schemes to retrofit and insulate homes.

Parents For Future UK co-founder Rowan Ryrie said: “We need to keep Rosebank’s oil safely in the ground for the sake of this generation, future generations, our oceans and our climate. All children deserve a liveable planet to grow up on, and Rosebank just isn’t compatible with this.

“Letting this development go ahead would be completely at odds with global, science-backed leadership on climate change. Undermining the UK’s climate commitments, not to mention Norway’s own ambitious climate targets.

Even the Government’s own climate advisers have said Rosebank is “utterly unacceptable”. It will make keeping global heating below the safe limits of a 1.5c increase harder than it already is, pushing our planet towards irreversible tipping points. To make it worse, the development would cost UK taxpayers billions in subsidies - money that could be invested in renewable energy projects instead.

Thousands of parents and carers have already made their voices heard, but there’s power in numbers, so if you’re concerned about the impact of this on all our children, join us in demanding our Government says no to Rosebank.”

Katie Geradot, from Parents for Future UK is in Norway today to launch the petition and letter added:

“At COP26 our then Prime Minister said, “If we don't get serious about climate change today, it will be too late for our children to do so tomorrow.” To even entertain the development of Rosebank feels like an act of betrayal. Children are being impacted by this crisis across the globe and many more are scared for the future. They want action, not empty words; they want change, not business as usual.

There is nothing positive about Rosebank – it won’t help UK families with rising energy bills because most of the oil will be exported. This is our chance to tell the UK and Norwegian Governments to do the right thing and Stop Rosebank.”


Parents and carers can sign the Parents For Future petition here