Poisoned Playgrounds

The Advertising Standards Authority banned this ad from TV. Let's share it online.

POISONED PLAYGROUNDS from ClientEarth on Vimeo.

This advert made by ClientEarth and creative agency BMB wasn’t allowed to air on national TV because despite being in the public interest and based entirely on recent scientific data it is deemed ‘political’ and ‘controversial’ by Clearcast. The decision was based on section 7 of the BCAP code, because the Advertising Standards Authority feel that unless you’re selling stuff, like petrol & diesel for example, or cars that are breaking EU regulations on NOX emissions and filling our air with carcinogenic particulate matter, then you can’t have any airtime during the ad breaks. 

Well that sounds fair, doesn't it? 

Across the country, children are exposed to illegal and harmful levels of air pollution while on their way to and at school. In the UK, pupils at almost 1,000 schools are exposed to NO2 levels that endanger their health and will shape their future wellbeing. 

ClientEarth has been calling on the UK government to take urgent action to meet legal limits of NO2 in the shortest time possible. Email your MP to tell them your worried about air pollution: 

If you want to find out how polluted your street is. Use this postcode checker from Earth Sense.