Salmon factory farming whistleblower stickers

Hotline and stickers launched enabling communities to dish the dirt on salmon pharming

Campaigners have launched a hotline for whistleblowers wanting to dish the dirt on the salmon farming industry in Scotland. Stickers asking for information are being posted across the Highlands & Islands of Scotland with adverts being placed in newspapers in Argyll, Lochaber, Wester Ross, Skye, Orkney, Shetland and the Outer Hebrides.

The whistleblower hotline number is - 07851 562781.

Don Staniford of $camon Scotland said:

“Calling all whistleblowers – please dish the dirt on welfare abuse, mass mortalities, disease problems, corporate negligence, illegal chemical use and fishy goings on down on the salmon farm. Photographic and video evidence is especially welcomed so we can expose the horrors of salmon farming."

If you are in these areas and you would like to help distribute the stickers - you can now order them for less than the cost price from the Ecohustler store. Please place the stickers where they are visible to the public.

Matt Mellen of Ecohustler said:

“Our readers and their social networks are very concerned about how salmon are farmed in UK waters. We set up a petition calling for Marks and Spencer to come clean about the harm caused by factory farming salmon and stop labeling it ‘responsibly sourced’. Over 100k people signed the petition. Areas around salmon farms are severely affected and sustainable local businesses like tourism operations and small scale fishers are suffering. We want to provide these people with a discreet way of sharing their issues.”

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