Top weirdest food you can get delivered to your door

There’s simply nothing you can’t order anymore...

Parcels and packaging are flying through our letter boxes like there’s no tomorrow. There’s simply nothing you can’t order anymore. From bacon to razors to STI tests to cheese, nothing is off limits.

We wanted to research the weirdest food you can actually get delivered to your door. It’s always interesting to see how food packaging trends are sometimes created for the sustainable and more often than not, for brand alignment.

5 weirdest foods you can order online

Let’s see how these delivery brands fared with their weird food and outrageous packaging.

1. Cricket Salsa from Wahaca

You heard it right. Crickets in your salsa. Wahaca have brought this creepy crawly dish back to their summer menu in 2023.

2. Tuna eyeballs from Alibaba

A frozen tuna eyeball is a click away with Alibaba. While over here in the West we can totally get on board with a gorgeous tuna steak, the East proves a really good point of not wasting any part of the fish. And why should we. Give it a go before you judge!

3. Balut from Asian Grocery UK

For those that know, Balut is a delicacy in southern China and other parts of Asia. The egg is fermented and still contains the duck embryo inside. You can conveniently order Balut from Asian Grocery UK

4. Vegan Cheese Board from Vegan Kind

While some of you might be thinking what is the point of this, the other half who have completed veganary will be jumping for joy. Yes, vegan cheese boards exist. And The Vegan Kind are the company to help you get it delivered to your door.

5. Live stick insects from Exotic-pets

Yes! Alive. will deliver live stick insects as well as spiders and cockroaches to your front door. While we do NOT suggest you should be eating these creatures or endorse the posting of live pets, we couldn’t help but mention that this service is available.

Consequently, with the ability to order pretty much everything and anything online, consumers are taking more and more interest in the packaging these orders are coming in.

Companies are under fire for their packaging

Recently, Hello fresh came under scrutiny due to the amount of packaging they use per order. Their counterpoint was that in order to provide accurate, less waste production, the produce had to be concealed and delivered in multiple packs.

Furthermore, to avoid cross-contamination of produce which could lead to allergic reactions means that the packaging is essential.

Choosing sustainable packaging

Whether you’re a small or large business owner or have your own e-commerce business, start off on the right foot with sustainable packaging from Tyler Packaging. You can read about our recycling wins within the company as well.

Tyler’s compostable flat base pouches, also known as Box Pouches, 3D Pouches, 5 Panel Pouches and U Pouches, are made from renewable materials that are environmentally friendly during its entire lifecycle. The compostable packaging breaks down in a controlled timeframe under specific conditions that return the packaging to nature.

Why not use packaging that isn’t going to cost the earth as well as letting your customers love your product? It’s a win-win.