Are You Ready to Camp in the Canopy?

The Tentsile Stingray Air takes camping to a whole new level.

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Camping on the ground is okay... unless it is uneven, wet or crawling with critters.

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A UK designer has now raised the bar to vertiginous new heights with the Tentsile Stingray Air. This innovative new tent system can be suspended in the air, at any height using 3 straps to anchor it between trees (or whatever else is available), or set up on the ground.

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When in the air it essentially combines a tent with a triple hammock that can take the weight of 3 adults and all their gear. It comes with a rope ladder and there are hatches to allow entry from below when suspended, or from the side when pitched on the ground.

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Taking just 5-10 minutes to assemble, these amazing tree tents offer a practical solution camping in the woods. They’re also brilliant for observing wildlife. We want one! Check out the full range at

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